Thank you for being such a kind and patient instructor, I am so grateful for how you have managed to turn my driving around. Thank you for working so hard to fit in my lessons and putting up with all my nervousness!

So Yesterday I passed my driving test first time. What an incredible journey it's been. I couldn't recommend Tom highly enough - he's patient . He's been extremely supportive since we started, and trying best to clarify everything in simplest way . Thank you for everything Tom.

Gary V
A big thank you for your patience, excellent knowledge and giving me the confidence to pass. Thanks again Tom and you come highly recommended by me.

Jane Christmas
Tom started having lessons in 2020 which were very disrupted with covid. He failed his first 2 tests and then went off to university so we had to postpone lessons until the following summer.

I contacted Tom Bate who advised me to book a test 6 months in advance. He was very accommodating and booked Tom in for refresher lessons on his return from uni. Tom Bate is very calming and really helped Tom with his nerves. He is very patient and Toms driving improved so much in a short space of time. We were over the moon when Tom passed this week. He left the house looking reasonably calm and returned with a big smile on his face. I would highly recommend Tom Bate. Tom is now loving driving his car and ready to return to uni 🚘🚘.

Tom Bate was brilliant with teaching me and helping me understand highway code very good great instructor He has very professional friendly approach me in a logical manner in relaxed atmosphere showing endless patience general approach using modern teaching methods were perfect for me in helping me reach my goal of obtaining a British driving licence 100% recommend him.

Shannon L
Thankyou so much for all your support and helping getting me through my practical test to meet the criteria and all my lessons, such a great person to learn with and I highly recommend you with all your time and patience through the years helping me to keep going with my theory test (which took me a while). I am very grateful for everything you have done to help me and you have never given up :) 

Chloé Beetschen
I would definielty reccomend Tom as a driving instructor as I passed first time with Tom after only two months of being able to drive. He is an excellent instructor due to his calmness in stressful situations (especially when almost being run off a slip road!) and is patient with you and helps you through every step of all the driving scenarios and manouvers. Due to his supportive and friendly approach to every lesson, learning with him is an enjoyable and easy to follow.

Teddy B
Tom is an excellent instructor. He is patient, calm and makes learning to drive a positive and enjoyable experience. He has been supportive and caring throughout my time with him. His encouragement and expertise have helped me to pass. I cannot praise Tom highly enough and would recommend him to any new learners without reservation.

Shukrie K
My experience with Tom Bate couldn’t have been better. He had a very professional and simultaneously friendly approach which made learning how to drive an enjoyable experience. During our lessons, Tom was very understanding, helpful and even funny. If we put aside the fact that I almost ran over a few pigeons, I am a safe driver and all the credit goes to Tom.

I passed in the second attempt with Tom. I have been driving in India but didn't hold a UK driving licence. Tom helped me to gain confidence on roads here. He is very patient and courteous and very well versed with all driving routes in Chester. He is also very accomodating to individual needs, be it lesson timings or manoeuvres and routes which need more attention and practice. I would highly reccomend his lessons.

Luke Fox
Tom is a brilliant instructor, genuine, honest and patient and an all round nice guy with good knowledge on driving and excellent tips on where to improve.

I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with Tom and felt confident when out on the roads with him as a teacher.

It took me around 5 months to pass which is a lot faster than I initially thought.

30 years old and didn't want to drive until news of a baby was on the horizon, I'm glad I chose Tom to get me up to speed before the wife could be unhappy with me! Haha.

Thanks Tom!

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